Warehousing and Order Fulfillment

By offering secure third-party warehousing for your goods, there are three things Silhouette can do to help your business grow.

Store your goods in our UK warehouses - Storage space within the UK comes at a premium - making it harder for your business to grow. With 50,000 square feet of space in our UK warehouses, we've got the capacity to store your goods securely - whatever the quantity or size.  You can be sure that everything will stay accounted for from the time it reaches us, to the moment it arrives with a retailer or customer.

Process sales and ship your products - Processing sales is labour-intensive, and shipping costs can become exorbitant - making Silhouette an ideal partnet for your business.  We can process sales and distribute products on your behalf.  After taking an order - via phone, email or your own system - our experienced staff will pick, pack and dispatch orders quickly and efficiently.  If we receive an order before 12pm, we're almost always able to despatch it the same day.

Assemble product components and repack before shipping - if it can't be done by machine, it can be done by our staff.  If your products are put together with different components or you need your designs to be professionally hand-finished, our experienced staff can put the finishing touches to your products, re-pack them and ship them to retailers and customers.

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