Hand-Finished Greeting Cards & Gifts

Silhouette can produce hand-finished greetings cards and gifts - creating intricate, unique products your customers won't find anywhere else.

We're one of those rare companies with the skilled staff and attention to detail needed to create detailed, hand-finished products that stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

We can create almost any design, from applying tiny gems, hand-finished in liquid glitter, to feathers and bow embellishment - and even customised, hand-written messages.

Just send us a sample of your design, no matter how detailed, and we'll tell you if we can help you to bring it to market.

Manufacturing and Fulfillment - all in one place

These four easy steps allow us to take your designs from the drawing board to your customers.

Step 1:  Send us your designs.  We'll quickly be able to give you the completely bespoke (and very competitive) quote.

Step 2:  Ask your suppliers to ship component parts directly to us. As a fully-equipped fulfillment centre, we can safely store all component parts on your behalf.

Step 3:  Our staff will hand-finish your cards or gifts, bringing them to life - and we'll have them ready when you place an order - over the phone, via email or through your own ordering system.

Step 4: We'll pick, pack and ship the finished product to retailers across the UK and internationally - our relationships with delivery and postal services will help you cut costs too.

All in all, choosing Silhouette saves you space, saves you time and saves you money - leaving you free to focus on creating new products and expanding your business.

Call us today on 01993 868878 and talk to us about creating truly beautiful and unique hand-finished products that will help you make a splash with retailers.

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